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Choosing your venue

Please make certain that your venue can be easily found. Most hotels and conference centres provide maps and directions on how best to reach them. It is also worth enquiring about local traffic conditions and parking areas.

Make certain that all delegates have a phone number for the venue in case they need extra assistance.

A picture of the conference location as well as the address will help your delegates to find it easily.

If possible, it is also helpful to give your delegates the name or number of the room you will be using and how to find it.

Allow time for delegates to arrive. Refreshments on arrival can be a useful way of making time. Remember to allow extra time if you have a lengthy registration process.

Name and company badges can be helpful. Make certain that the fonts used are large enough for people to be able to read comfortably. Have badges ready in alphabetic sequence before people arrive.

Heating and air conditioning varies enormously between venues. It may help your delegates to bring several layers of light clothing that can be added or removed to suit the room.