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Vinay Parmar - Soul Centered Success

Vinay Parmar

About Vinay

Vinay Parmar is a sought after inspirational keynote speaker with powerful messages to share about self leadership, adversity and understanding the secret to happiness in life and business.

His compelling story and engaging presentation style inspires audience to deal with uncertainty, adversity and challenges in a more powerful, positive and productive way.

Vinay started his working life in Financial Services 20 years ago and enjoyed a successful corporate career with the likes of HFC bank, Prudential and Egg he decided to run his own business.

Through any combination of speaking, coaching and consulting, Vinay helps to "connect people to possibility" empowering them to change their thinking and behaviour so that they experience better results in life, work or business.

Since 2006 Vinay has provided solutions to companies such as RBS, Audi, Vodafone, and Zurich Life as well as portfolio private clients.

Vinay's clients, colleagues and friends describe him as Infectiously Inspiring, Engaging, Passionate, Authentic, a Natural Leader, Magnetic, Creative, Fun and Humble.

Vinay's has been featured in the national press, appeared on talk shows with BBC Radio and was a guest on ITV's This Morning show.


"Turning your glitches into your riches" - The Art of Possibility

Typical Audience - Managers, Leaders, Sales teams and employees going through change/transformation.

Business Owners/Leaders facing challenges and tough challenges seeking to inspire their people.


It doesn't matter how meticulously you plan, how closely you follow the rules or how carefully you tread sometimes life throws you curveballs that can stop you in your tracks.

Common sense tells us that it's not what happens to us but how we deal with it that is the key to moving forward in life, but its often easier said than done.

In his inspiring, engaging and passionate talk Vinay shares his personal journey of "bouncing back" from challenges in his life and how he turned things around to come through his darkest moments and achieve success.

Through his personal story Vinay with share with you the 5 key principles that enabled to him to develop mental toughness and self leadership skills which empowered him to quickly "bounceback" from adversity, deal with change and continue to achieve success.


His session was truly inspirational but, exceptionally for a motivational speaker, he was able to focus his story and the points made to be relevant to this specific audience. The delegate feedback was highly appreciative and their scores easily placed him in our top quartile of speakers for 2012/2013. We have already invited him back!

Don Hales, CEO of The Customer Service Training Network

WOW! What a fantastic speaker!!! I saw Vinay present and was completely blown away by the integrity and the power of his presentation. Truly inspirational!

Derek Williams, CEO of the WOW Awards

Vinay, has a great story to tell that one can identify with re overcoming problems and events. He spoke at the Blues Network Event and was very inspiring and uplifting and certainly ended leaving the audience wanting more. I can't endorse Vinay highly enough, if your looking for a business speaker who's different, BOOK HIM.

Gary James, Corporate Hospitality at the Blues

Vinay not only has an amazing message that can resonate with everybody, he has carefully crafted the story, the message and the overall impact with great professionalism and attention to detail. His presentation style is compelling and thought-provoking and I would highly recommend him as a speaker.

Lesley Everett, Speaker, Executive Branding Coach and President of the Global Speakers Federation

Vinay is a consummate professional with an excellent story to tell. If you need to bounce back then Vinay is your guy. If you need someone to inspire your team to keep going whatever problems they are faced with then give Vinay a call.

Rebecca Jones, Business Consultant, Red Shoe Biz

I physically saw the light bulbs going on in peoples heads as they understood why they had previously struggled to get their point across with other members of the team and that there was a way around it. I would highly recommend Vinay.

Dawn Cox, Customer Service Development Manager, Audi UK