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Shay McConnon: Grow Business by Growing Relationships, Conflict to Collaboration, Develop Leadership not just Leaders, An Even Better Place to Work

photo: Shay McConnon


Author of 18 books on personal development.

Corporate Products include Resolving Conflict (translated into 9 languages), Presenting with Power, 4 Steps to Resolving Conflict, 7 Keys for Developing Leadership, Team Targets and a variety of CDs including The Leadership Challenge and An Even better Place to Work.

Educational Products include a series of 12 books on personal development topics ranging from Self-Awareness to Interpersonal Communication.



Shay’s background in psychology guarantees he will deliver powerful, life-changing messages that touch people and motivates them to take action.

Managing Director

He is the founder of People First Ltd, an international Training and Consultancy group that specialises in culture change and leadership issues in organisations.

Creator of the An Even Better Place to Work Programme

Shay is the creator of the world’s first automated on line culture change programme called An Even Better Place to Work This is being used by the Royal Bank of Scotland, the NHS and other blue chips in the UK and globally.

An Award Winning Speaker

He has been awarded the best new speaker for Vistage, the world’s largest organization for CEOs. He has been voted top speaker by the Academy for Chief Executives and has also been awarded a Fellowship by the Professional Speakers Association, in recognition of his excellence on the platform.

A Magical Speaker

Shay is a member of the Magic Circle. His flair for entertaining combined with his academic background and his real world experiences in the workplace, create a unique presentation style.

An International Speaker

Recent International conferences include

Most Requested Presentations

Winning Relationships - Make the Magic Happen

In this keynote Shay shows you how to grow the business by growing relationships. He brings fresh insights to work and domestic relationships with lots of humour and audience participation. It is a high energy, content rich keynote that is packed with practical, workable ideas.

Themes covered include motivational styles, diversity, self-worth, conflict, personal effectiveness and leadership. Shay deals with everyday situations and provides real-life examples of what to say and do to create openness, trust and collaboration – powerful messages that take you to the next level in your relationships.

This keynote has significant messages for everyone in the organisation - directors, managers or operators. It suitable in a wide variety of contexts: award ceremonies, whole company events, road shows, away days and conferences.

Conflict to Collaboration - The Four Steps

Conflict eats into time, morale and profits. Typical managers lose 25% of their day to unnecessary conflict. This is time lost to creative productive work. Discover the four steps that defuse explosive situations. Learn how to replace conflict with openness, trust and collaboration.

Develop Leadership not just Leaders

This is a practical hands-on approach to developing leadership in organisations.

Shay McConnon recognises that team leadership is complex and that it is likely to work best as a partnership between the leader and the team members. Leaders who impact, individualise rather than universalise. They respond to the specific needs of an individual rather than behave in standard generic ways.

An Even Better Place to Work

Shay McConnon will share with you the culture change model he has developed for organisations like Siemens, BAE Systems, Selex Communications and others. He identifies 7 indicators for making your place of work an even better place to work and outlines a system for growing and tracking these indicators across the organisation.

Delegates will be given practical ideas for improving the impact of leadership, the development of teams and the quality of work life for everyone.


The feedback has been excellent – evidenced by our repeat bookings with you for the remainder of our USA and UK staff. You kept the audience riveted and I look forward to the next time

Pippa Anderson (Head OPD GlaxoSmithkline)

His engaging style of presentation, characterised by humour and anecdote, captivates his audience whatever their background or current state of motivation. His enormous energy is contagious and he brings out the best in people. Learning has never been so enjoyable and enlightening.

Duncan Midwood (Director Walkers Snack Foods)

You have been truly inspirational and we look forward to working with you in the future

Pamela Grant (HR Director WWF International)

The most charismatic speaker I have ever heard. You kept our people fascinated for the entire afternoon. Your anecdotes, metaphors and slight of hand brought so much life to the presentation. A speaker of rare effectiveness

Les Bunce (Chairman Dorset Quality Forum)

One of the most motivational, educational and moving keynote addresses we have ever had – it was also the funniest by far

Maria Amaro Shaftoe (MCGT Conference Organiser)

Many thanks for the presentation. i must have had at least 20 people come up to me afterwards to ask where i found you and how great you were. and about 10 others asking how much you charge because they would like to use you. Your presentation was a fantastic boost to the conference and i am quite happy to offer a recommendation for you with other housing organisations.

John Mills ARHM