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Paul Bridle: Leadership methodologist

photo: Paul Bridle: leadership methodologist

About Paul

Paul’s strength is in contextualising information in a way that people can use in the development of their people and their business. With his extensive and ongoing research into organisations and the people that lead them, Paul brings an external perspective to businesses.

Providing content rich and engaging Keynote speeches at conferences and corporate meetings is guaranteed. Paul takes time to understand their issues and then brings a perspective that ensures people go away with practical ideas and skills to use in their businesses.


Paul Bridle is the world’s foremost leadership methodologist. For over 20 years, he has studied successful businesses and organizations, focusing on the people who lead them. His research has helped him determine the mindset—and methodology—required to become a successful leader.

“There is plenty of information out there. The challenge is putting it into context.”

Trying to make sense of the latest business trends can be a daunting task. Paul has identified the way successful businesses operate to ensure future success and contexualized the information so it’s much easier to understand. His global perspective, combined with personal research, leads to practical ideas people can actually use to improve their leadership and management skills.

Paul’s presentations are enlightening, exciting, inspirational and informative. He presents the results of his years of research in a way that allows audiences to discover the true qualities of a leader and measure themselves against those standards. Audience members leave with practical tools to improve their leadership ability in their organization.

“I enjoy challenging people, helping them take a fresh look at what they need to do to improve their performance and become successful leaders.”

Paul is highly sought after for his presentations on leadership, teamwork and motivation.


Kate Ancketill, Managing Director, GDR Creative Intelligence

“Paul spoke at this year’s retreat. The case study he showed from a restaurant in South Africa was inspiring and informative and left me with several concrete ideas to apply to my own business, which is in a very different sector. Paul’s insightful comments were extremely thought-provoking and highly valued by the CEOs present. We all left buzzing with ideas on how to improve our businesses.”

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