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Nigel Risner: Turning limited people limitless

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Author of You had me at Hello, It's a zoo around here, Self-Mastery, The magic of masterminding, and the Moments of Truth audiobook series. Co-authored Chicken Soup for the UK Soul.


As one of the youngest CEOs of a financial services company in the City of London, Nigel knows business and knows what it takes to lead a successful business. Unlike other speakers or consultants, he has the ability to translate - with electrifying effect - that hands-on experience into a coherent, compelling and exciting philosophy, which has made him one of Europe's leading speakers.

Most requested presentations

Change is Inevitable - Growth is Optional!

Change is generally discussed as if it were a threat, a huge barrier to running a successful business and living a happy life. This is a challenge when it comes to engaging the best talents of an organisation's greatest assets. It is even more of a problem when managing people in harsh, disruptive times. Nigel's interactive session presents ways of thinking and being which demonstrate change to be an entirely natural and thrilling experience - and one which everyone in your company can enjoy rather than fear.

How to have your best year ever

How To Have Your Best Year Ever presents proven principles guaranteed to inform, educate, motivate, and inspire you towards doing your best! You'll learn:

Creating open communication in the organisation

For all organisations, it's become an absolute necessity for the leader to communicate effectively with anyone who has a stake in their company, whether they be staff, shareholders, clients, the board or potential investors. When things are changing, staff need information and motivation to keep up, to know what's going on, to meet changing objectives, and to make decisions that will ultimately affect the bottom line and the well-being of the organisation.

You will learn to think of communication as a pre-emptive strike against rumour and gossip. By sharing truthful information - in a complete and timely manner - you diminish the hurtful effects of the grapevine. And make no mistake about it: your company has a grapevine. Every company does.

High Impact Leadership

Managers maintain the status quo while leaders take their organisations to new heights. How does an organisation get the leadership it needs to thrive? The bad news is few people are "natural born leaders." The good news: Leadership can be learned! This Nigel Risner High Impact Leadership presentation explains the six skills all leaders must develop to impact their people and organisations. Nigel Risner goes on to provide his practical, realistic and usable blueprint for helping you develop these six skills. With these six skills you are ready to reach your next level for yourself and for your organisation.

Creating and having passion & fun in the workplace

Nigel will reveal how individuals can identify their passion and create ways to integrate it into their everyday life and career. Passion fuels inexhaustible energy. Learn how to discover your purpose and integrate that purpose with your work. You will understand how to motivate yourself and how to make work seem like play and you will learn how others will share your passion and enthusiasm. Having fun at work is a crucial element for your company's success. Your employees - and you - will work better, harder and more effectively than ever before and you will see the impact on the bottom line.


I was sooooooooooo delighted to hear all of the positive feedback from my fellow colleagues who saw your presentation! I knew you would meet our requirements. THANK YOU Nigel for delivering such a motivational message to our troops! Although I 'wasn't in the room', I have certainly heard about all of the key messages ...


At the beginning of your session, I felt that there was a lot of resistance, and this is to be expected when you are dealing with so many strong-minded people. However by the end you had them eating out of your hands. Many thanks for helping make our conference a success.

Ann Simpson, Snappy Snaps Marketing Director

Nigel Risner is one of those unique people who is making a difference. You can't afford not to know about what he's teaching. He is an inspirational speaker and writer...what you need to do is find out what he has to offer you and take advantage of it.

Findlay Caldwell, Managing Director of RAC

I've tried some of the exercises you demonstrated with my staff with the result that morale has improved and there is a fantastic atmosphere in the company that I have never seen before

Marketing Director Jessops Photographic Retail Chain

The feedback that I have had has been awesome, your combination of humour passion and energy was an inspiration for the whole team and was the perfect climax to our managers conference.

MD of retail, Body Shop

We genuinely felt that your presentation was miles ahead of anything we have seen from other speakers we have used.

Schering Healthcare

Your lively and professional style made the event a great success and you are the first speaker we have had to score a perfect 10 from all who have attended.


I have never seen a group so moved and motivated to change. You literally blew them away with your style and delivery. Your aim was to make just 1% DIFFERENCE in people's lives. I think some had a 100 % shift!

Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Many thanks for your outstanding presentations at the National Sales Awards Conference 2001. Once again delegates scored you 10 out of 10 - your contribution was an important factor in the overall success of the conference.

The National Sales Awards

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