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Michael Dodd:

Photo: Michael Dodd


To equip your people to get your message across through the media and face-to-face and withstand 'blowtorch-on-the-belly' questioning along the way


"Media Tactics" - The Triple CD for getting your message across on TV, on radio, on line, in newspapers and magazines. Co-produced with sales and marketing guru, Frank Furness


Showing you how to get free publicity in the news media - and give the best possible answers to the toughest, trickiest and stupidest questions without collapsing in a quivering heap with dramatic demonstration interviews in front of your audience


Michael has been given the "New Speaker of the Year Award" for 2010-2011 from the Academy for Chief Executives.

He runs master classes for United Nations officials, business leaders, diplomats, head teachers and others around the world to polish their communications skills.

Michael draws upon his interviewing experience as an Australian political reporter and foreign correspondent to subject audience volunteers to vigorous questioning and to show them how to give great answers to their nightmare questions.

He is a judge for the Royal Television Society journalism awards.

Michael's best known amongst international audiences for his newspaper reviews and comments on international affairs on Sky News, the BBC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and other broadcasters.

Most Requested Presentations


This reveals the magic formulae for standing up to blow-torch-on-the-belly questions with the best possible replies.

The presentation is highly motivational as it inspires you to approach the toughest questions in the most positive way.

Live demonstration interviews in front of the audience with amazing differences in the "before" and "after" replies of volunteers.


This shows what to do if bad news hits your company and how to be prepared in advance for whatever can go wrong.

It draws on the lessons of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill where billions were wiped off the value of BP's share price and reputation.

Michael shows how to prepare for the possibility of bad news and how to react less like BP's Tony Haywood and more like Virgin's Richard Branson.

There are invaluable lessons here for companies of all sizes.


Michael works with volunteers on stage to bring about a transformation in the way they present themselves and their organization.

He demonstrates the way to polish your content, structure and delivery to maximize impact - whether it's standing up in front of a big audience, across the boardroom table or face-to-face with a prospect.


Michael is one of the newest and best speakers we have ever had in the academy in the last 13 years. He puts an enormous amount of effort into the preparation and the final delivery is nothing short of brilliant. The workshop is compelling, engaging, entertaining and a must for any CEO in today's world. Michael's skill and experience as a journalist is brought to bear in ruthless fashion creating an unforgettable experiential learning experience. My group just LOVED him.

Simon Lester, Chairman, Academy For Chief Executives Group 7

Michael's unique, practical style of 'masterclass' is not only fun and highly regarded by all who have attended, but furthermore has helped us to realise genuine, measurable benefits following his support.

Brian Underwood, Head of Corporate Marketing, UK Trade and Investment

Every single point discussed was a golden nugget! It was a day incredibly well spent. My confidence is massively improved.

Simon Albert, Director, Charity Challenge

Michael devoted a huge amount of time to his preparation and planning for the session. He really took on board my briefing and tailored his session exactly to meet the learning needs of members. This was noticeable and was applauded by the members. He has a key skill at knowing how far to push each person and just how much tough feedback they can take. Comfort zones were truly stepped out of, as Michael turned the heat up with increasingly tough questions. Paxman eat your heart out!

Joanna Jesson, Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives Leadership Forum 09

Straight talking, direct and extremely engaging. A must for any Chief Executive Officer.

Dominic Jones, CEO, Business Design Centre

Michael has worked with two of my groups of business leaders and they have all really appreciated the coaching he's provided. It's been amazing to see the improvement they've made.

Mike Wilsher, Managing Director, Executive Foundation.

Michael worked wonders with a group of 30-plus small and medium-sized enterprise leaders who had just come together for the first Enterprise City High Growth meeting. He put them at ease and gave excellent coaching to the 'volunteers'.

Jane Hunt, Chairman, Enterprise High City Growth

Michael opened my eyes to the way to have a successful interview with the media, and he did it in a way that was fun.

Gary Thornton, Director, SC Dynamics.

Michael delivered an outstanding, very practical and absolutely engaging session to my chief executives. This session achieved one of the highest overall scores that I've ever seen from this group. The people who gained the most were those least looking forward to a challenging session. They all performed live in front of camera: Michael's robust and fast-paced style encouraged them to stretch themselves with great benefits for their technique, self-esteem and confidence. It was a truly valuable day for all of us.

Peter Pritchett, Chairman, Academy Group 5

Michael made what can be a nerve wracking experience less daunting and actually showed how positive it can be.

John Pallister, Joint Managing Director and Owner, Cumbrian Homes Ltd.

"Michael combines a highly interactive practical session on facing tough media interviews with insights, practical tips, challenging questions and humour - strongly recommended.

Nick Jackson, Chairman, Academy for Chief Executives Group 16.

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