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Michael Denison:

Michael Denison


Mike Denison is the founder and owner of Lean Mentor International & Cleareality Limited. He specialises in Executive Coaching, Business Strategy and New Leadership Thinking, with 20 years experience in business transformation working with blue chip organisations across the world.

A thought leader, Mike is an inspirational and motivational speaker with the powerful ability of empowering others through practical applied learning, mentoring and coaching. Mike's expertise was established whilst working for and managing the engine machining area at Toyota, the recognised founder of Lean Management and Lean Manufacturing. Having been appointed as one of the first "Lean Leaders" at Toyota Manufacturing UK in 1991, he spent time in Toyota in Japan, being coached by a Japanese manager, learning and applying the company's renowned manufacturing and management Systems. Mike was also the Practice Head for the UK division of RWD Technologies, an international Business Improvement Consultancy.


Mike is a popular speaker with a number of organisations across North Wales and North West England, including:

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Mike has recently engaged with Senior Management mentoring, coaching and alignment, including ROI success and impact evaluation at Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels (UK & US), including design, development and application of an internal coaching and lean leadership development programme.

In 1995, Mike developed the "Toyota Production System Member Development Programme" and delivered it to the first two waves of Toyota members and leaders at both UK plants. Since then he has designed and delivered a number of practical management tools and programmes including:

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Key Achievements

In 1995, Mike developed the "Toyota Production System Member Development Programme" and delivered it to the first two waves of Toyota members and leaders. Since then he has designed and delivered a number of practical management tools including:

  1. The Nine Lean Leadership Behaviours programme
  2. The Denison 5 Point Focus programme
  3. The IMPACT Leadership Transformation programme
  4. The Value Added Leadership & 11 Wastes programme
  5. The Creating Capacity to Lead Programme

Mike has also developed a series of seminars and workshops including 'Success Seminars' in 2008 and 2009 with Success University a MLM Company.

Mike has been asked to design and deliver a three day module for Glyndwr University's Executive MBA in 2013. "Leading Operational Excellence through Lean."

Mike has also contributed to a 2011 best selling business book, "Win: 35 Winning Strategies from Today's Leading Entrepreneurs".


"Mike uses his coaching and mentoring skills to empower clients to achieve their full potential. Mike uses a wide range of tools and techniques to facilitate organisational change and personal development. Mike's broad range of industry experience allows him to adapt his Lean toolkit to a host of new industries and scenarios."

Martin Arroyo, Executive Consultant, 2009

"Mike Denison is a trusted associate for Coaching for Change and brings with him a distinct set of skills that are hard to come by. The ability to engage with "C" level people one moment then using appropriate language and approach for gaining rapport and understanding at other levels with integrity. A great presenter with the ability to enthuse and inspire an audience, get his message across and influences others to progress their goals. Mike’s approach will cut through fog to get the necessary detail and data to help you make decisive decisions. I am pleased to recommend Mike to any client in any sector."

Lee Kemp, Managing Director, Coaching for Change 2011

"I would recommend Mike Denison and Lean Mentor International, if you've reached a plateau in manufacturing performance and need a fresh approach to take you to the next level- talk to Mike Denison about his Manufacturing Leadership Programme- it delivers results. The programme Mike has developed for us is helping us to move towards a culture involving higher levels of accountability in a non- threatening way, the biggest value is not in the theory but in the practice in the 'field' and the coaching support he teaches you to provide to your staff to change their habits.

Performance in the problem areas where we have concentrated our coaching and leadership effort have increased beyond my expectation in a short period. I set the target of getting Cell OEE up to 73% by end of the year. I remember listening to all the reasons why this would not be possible from one member and now one shift is there already, one is not far behind and the other three are rapidly catching up."

Chris Goddard. Operations Manager, Springfields Fuels Limited, Westinghouse 2011

"Mike is an inspirational coach who has in addition, the level of drive required to guide the transformation of complex organisations. From both a personal and professional standpoint, Mike is someone you can completely rely on."

Lorne Walters, Director, 2011