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Lesley Everett :
The UK’s leading authority on Personal Branding for business

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Walking Tall, key steps to total image impact (ISBN 0-9548935-0-6); Walking TALL Taking Control of your Personal Brand audio CD; co-author of Walking Tall Image Iceberg


With a career in the image industry spanning 10 years and having dealt with many CEO’s and Boards of Directors of blue-chip companies, Lesley is well versed on all aspects of personal image and grooming for business and is regarded as a thought leader on the subject internationally. She is at the forefront of image impact in business and with her numerous media appearance, Lesley has truly become the ‘face of personal branding’ in the UK, a reputation that is now extending internationally. Clients include: Tesco, Porsche Cars (GB), Barclays Bank, GE Consumer Finance, BT and Ernst & Young.

Member of the Professional Speakers Association (PSA)Lesley is an innovative business speaker, presenting the powerful subject of business image impact in an inspirational and fun way ensuring that her audiences clearly understand how to maximise the effects of non-verbal communication in the workplace.

In times of high levels of competition, Lesley believes that business success is down to people impact. Branding yourself can be your biggest differentiator, but how many people actually spend time focusing on building their own strong personal brand? To be successful, a positive initial impact is required and then effective communications have to be sustained. Non-verbal messages represent an overwhelming percentage of effective communication.

Lesley is frequently asked to contribute to features within all forms of print and broadcast media. Commissioned articles have appeared in a number of specialist publications including Training Magazine, Training Journal, Customer First, Customer Service, Corporate Office, Business Woman’s World, Sales & Marketing Professional, Sales Director, Women’s Business, Smart PA, (a regular image clinic commenced in Spring 2002) and a series in Working from Home Magazine. She has also contributed to a number of features in specialist titles including Personnel Today, Professional Recruiter and Start your Own Business. Exposure in national, regional and consumer press includes The Sun – Business Supplement, The Guardian, The Scotsman, Yorkshire Evening News, Daily Record, Men's Health, Slimming World, Slimmer, Healthier & Fitter, Your Home, REAL and Top Santé Health & Beauty. Walking TALL has received rave reviews in several business publications.

Lesley has appeared on ITV GMTV, BBC1 Breakfast, Today (Business Hour), GMTV LK Today, ITV Trisha, BBC Business Breakfast, BBC News 24, BBC Esther, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg – Money by Design, CNBC Power Lunch, Sky News with Adam Boulton, Sky Business Report, Simply Money and contributed to key features on ITV Teletext and Channel 4 Teletext. She is also a TV co-presenter on a new Tonight with Trevor McDonald 2-part special screening early this year.

She has also been a guest on BBC Radio 4 You & Yours, BBC Radio 5 Nicky Campbell Show, BBC Radio 5 Live Fi Glover Show, BBC Breakfast News, LBC, 2-TEN Radio Berkshire and BBC Radio Berks. A number of interviews have been given to Reuters.

Most requested presentations

Walking TALL for Outstanding Leadership:

In times of high levels of competition, Lesley believes that business success is down to people impact. Branding yourself can be your biggest differentiator, but how many people actually spend time focusing on building their own strong personal brand? The higher up your organisation you move, the more charisma, presence and personal impact you need to lead and manage others. So many organisations focus on the brand elements of logos, advertising and marketing collateral when reinforcing their corporate brand, but the human reflection of this brand is often forgotten. Now there's a unique, highly motivating and fun opportunity for you to inspire your staff to build a strong personal brand and positive communication style that will in turn take your business to new levels.

The Brand Called ME:

Recognising that balancing the personal image of client-facing staff, executives and non-executives, with a corporate identity and culture is playing a vital part of successful business today, Lesley has developed this particular key note to address these far reaching issues for corporate conference audiences.

Personal Branding for Personal Success:

Whether we like it or not, we make an impression on people the moment we meet them, and this impression is based largely on the visual message, i.e. body talk, appearance, dress and facial expressions. We then use the voice delivery to add to our judgment of their credibility and reliability. We do all this sub-consciously.

To make the impact on business relationships that we all need, it is essential that we ensure our image firstly says what we want it to say about us and secondly that it is consistent – in other words we need to develop a strong and consistent personal brand that truly represents what we stand for as an individual.


There are few people who can talk authoritatively on Personal Branding and Lesley does it in an inspiring way – drawing on examples from all walks of life and demonstrating her points through simple but highly effective exercises. Her session was a real treat.

Raghu Krishnamoorthy, VP, HR, GE Consumer Finance, Europe

I found Lesley to be an inspirational, motivational and fun speaker. Lesley has been able to give a real boost to my own personal branding as well as helping with training on personal branding for our members. High personal impact is crucial to a CEO - Lesley helps deliver this.

Stephen Bubb, Chief Executive, ACEVO – Association of CEO’s in the Voluntary Sector

Lesley was not only fantastic and very interesting but her presentation served a huge purpose and addressed a vital business issue – she was extremely good

John Tyrell – Managing Director, Royal Society of Medicine

Your powerful keynote talk had even the most hardened marketing professionals in the audience sitting upright!  It was a compelling presentation, packed with real life examples and an abundance of new ideas for improving our professional image.

Roy Broad, Chairman, Chartered Institute of Marketing