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John Hotowka: Magical Laughter Dinner Speaker

John Hotowka

Presentation title

The Laughter Dinner Speaker


John Hotowka is a very funny after dinner speaker with a strong magical slant and a speaker at conferences, seminars and product launches who uses eye catching techniques to communicate his clients' messages.


John Hotowka - The Laughter Dinner Speaker

You know how the best events are remembered long after they're over. What makes them so? Is it the ambience? Is it the meal or is it the way you felt watching the entertainment after dinner? I would suggest all three. Whilst John can't help with the meal (other than eat it) he can help with the other two and two out of three is not bad.

He's a hilariously entertaining speaker and magician. He's been delighting audiences for over 18 years and have to his credit worked with many blue chip companies such as PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Tarmac Ltd and Eversheds to name a few.

The show is full of good clean sparkling wit and repartee and during my presentation one of the audience members will perform some outstanding magic - they won't know how they did it as he's designed his show to make them look good. This single act has a positive and empowering effect on the person helping, their friends and colleagues. It also has the additional effect of including every member of the audience as they celebrate his triumph.

John has the laughter and magic to make your event memorable and talked about long after it's over.

John Hotowka - The Conference Speaker - Helping You Make Your Corporate Message WANT to Be Heard

You know how at conferences, seminars after a while the audience's attention wanders and the message doesn't get through. Well, over the last 18 years I've developed attention grabbing techniques that doesn't only engage the audience but also ensures the message gets through and sticks. To his credit he's worked with many organisations such Lloyds TSB Corporate, Hallmark Cards plc and Whitefriars Housing.

He'll take your brief and construct a presentation specifically for you that conveys your message with pin point accuracy. Some of my clients measured how effective my approach is and found his audience remember between 35% and 65% of the information conveyed, phenomenally much higher than the usual 5% to 10 % of a standard presentation. Why, because he's engaging, very funny and motivational.

Whether you want to convey a message to your clients or bring your staff closer together as a team. John has the laughter and magic to help you and your audience bond and retain your message long after the event is over.


As you are aware, this was a very important event for us as we were hosting our corporate partners and their wives from around the world and wanted their stay with us to be extra special. I'm delighted to report you helped achieve that aim.

Derek W Muir, Group Managing Director, Hill & Smith Infrastructure Products Group plc

Just a short note to thank you for your excellent performance at our kick-off meeting in Gstaad. It was very much appreciated by the attendees and added significantly to the overall celebrating and team building exercise. The use of magic with a multi cultural and multi lingual audience was clearly a success, as magic transcends those differences and can be appreciated by all.

Jim Atkinson, Commercial Operations Director, Beckman Coulter International SA

I think I can say, without hesitation, that you made a tremendous impression at our annual conference at Gleneagles.

William Ballman, President, Insolvency Lawyers Association

Our sales force went away inspired and motivated by your contribution.

Mark Brown, Channel Director, Hallmark Cards

Our chief executive, Philip Whitman, specifically remarked that whilst looking around the room during your presentation he saw and felt, for the first time, a new level of energy within the company, which is exactly what we are trying to achieve.

Claire De la Haye, Marketing Manager, SEMTA