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David Thomas: International Grandmaster of Memory

David Thomas

Presentation title

You are what you can remember. Maximise your personal skills for optimum professional performance


Tell Me Why, Mummy (Harper Collins)

Essential Lifeskills: Improving Your Memory (Dorling Kindersley, 2003)


memory, personal development, learning, self-tuition

Speed reading, Mind Mapping, motivation


David holds the Guinness World Record for reciting the mathematical formula Pi (3.14159...) to 22,500 digits without error. He is a World Memory Championships medallist (3rd in 1997) and one of only five people to achieve the current criteria to be an International Grandmaster of Memory.

David Thomas's presentation is a blend of:

David says: 80% of what is learned is forgotten in 24 hours. This results in a huge amount of waste in training budgets and time. Successful companies of the future will be those that can nurture an open learning environment and teach their staff to exploit their own learning potential. People's ability to communicate with colleagues and clients will always be the cornerstone of business so we all need to maximise the effect we have on other people.


David Thomas successfully mixes humility and humour to captivate, educate and amaze his audiences. Everybody who is serious about their success should move mountains to hear him.

Steve Pipe - chairman of AVN, the largest network of accountants in UK, Entrepreneur of the Year and author of 101 Ways to make a Profit

I never realised that such a successful person could be so real that I could find comparisons with myself. That is what David's presentation enables you to discover. He made me realise that success does not have to be a spectator sport.

Helen Jones - Baan Corporate Office Solutions

I felt privileged to be sharing the same room as someone who is living evidence of what can be achieved by strength of mind.

Phil Jeffrey - senior consultant, Pole Arnold

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