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Invite us into your event, and as motivational speakers we will share our ideas and experience with you and motivate and inspire you and your team to even greater business success.

We are not a speaker agency so we do not charge a fee - as speaker agency would.

All of the motivational speakers and presenters on this site are people who we have personally worked with. They are all true professional motivational speakers in every way. They are amongst the very best speakers on the circuit today. They are all also great people to work with!

If you're interested in booking any of our speakers or would like more information on Speakers for Results, please call Joanne Salter on 07792 732510 or email joanne@speakersforresults.co.uk

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Meet the motivational public speakers

David MacLeod Robert Craven Vinay Parmar Geoff Langston Jeff Grout David Thomas memory man Tony Messer Craig Goldblatt Nick Fewings Lynne Copp Paul Bridle  Derek Williams motivational speaker and customer service  guru Derek Arden nagotiation expert Susan Firth motivational speaker Lesley Everett personal branding Rob Brown business relations expert Liggy Webb - Presenter and Author Shay McConnon motivational speaker Nigel Risner John Hotowka - The Laughter Dinner Speaker Michael McGrath - Facing & Overcoming Adversity, Performance Catalyst Andrew McMillan Michael Denison Michael Dodd Frank Furness

Our roster of motivational speakers includes:

All motivational public speakers can tailor their presentation to your requirements.

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If you'd like more information on booking any of our motivational public speakers, please call Joanne Salter on 07792 732510 or email Joanne@SpeakersForResults.co.uk